The Joy of ProcessWire

We enjoy working and making fun projects with the amazing CMS/CMF ProcessWire. This is a place where we keep our experiments and wild ideas. Maybe some of them could be useful to you and that would be awesome.

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☄️ Wire Render Pattern

Instead of using external template systems. Maybe using the native wireRenderFile() function would be enough for simple and complex projects.

🈴 Better Translatable Strings

Discover how using the wirePopulateStringTags() function can improve tremendously the translation strings. And helps with the translation process.

🚎 SolidWire Pseudo Language

When you need to prototype different ideas. Using the SolidWire language could help you clear your vision. Represent different relationships between templates, fields and pages in a standarized way. Communicate better and faster by following sane conventions.

🏁 How to Install ProcessWire

A simple guide for newcomers to the wonderful world of ProcessWire.


🔖 Additional Image Fields

A module that helps including additional fields to image. Useful when you need the url, path or markdown code right away.

📦 Docker files for ProcessWire

Files that helps making ProcessWire projects using Docker containers.

⏩ Inertia Adapter for ProcessWire

Now you can use the wonderful with good ol’ ProcessWire templates.


🐦 🇨🇱 Chilean Birds

A small API to showcase a SolidWire usage and small Rest API with ProcessWire. Using React.js as frontend.

🤖 Voxgram

A Python Telegram bot that saves audios in a ProcessWire backend.

⏩ Svelte + ProcessWire + Laravel Mix + Inertia

An example that implements ProcessWire, Laravel Mix, Inertia and Svelte.

🏤 JasonBase

Jasonbase enables you to easily store and share jsons. Example using WireRenderPattern and Dockerfile.

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